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"Like a Girl"

In our society the phrase "like a girl" has somehow become negative, implying whatever being done "like a girl" is not being done as well, or is inferior to, well...a boy.

Like a Girl is a soccer / futsal organization that focuses on providing playing environments, college showcases and ID camps for girls that aren't able to participate in the current main stream "organized soccer" that many of their peers play.  Like a Girl works predominantly with girls from immigrant and refugee families, girls of color, and/or low-income situations. 

For girls that don’t typically have the same smooth path to access athletics, higher education, or business networking we provide support and stepping stones to climb over barriers that might exist due to a family’s lower income and/or recent immigration.  We connect girls with free and accessible fútbol programming, academic support, and business mentorships and partnerships in order to provide new opportunities for our wonderful young women. We work to expand their idea of what's possible.

Like a Girl Soccer College Showcase

Like a Girl Futsal Soccer Play Like a Girl

Not all girls have access to soccer college showcases.

There is a whole demographic of players that are going unnoticed by college coaches and scouts. When we look at the make up of the sport, and this country, coaches are missing talent in their own backyards.

College showcases are becoming the "norm" for kids that would like to pursue athletics in college. But who is the "norm" for? There has been much debate on the soccer model in this country. For many, if you have the money, and can afford to pay for "club" soccer you will be given access to many opportunities, including college showcases.

What happens if you can't afford to play "club" soccer? What happens if you don't have the transportation to participate? Does that mean you don't know how to play? Does that mean college coaches should not take a look at you?

Absolutely not.

In the summer of 2017 we hosted our first Like a Girl College Showcase, giving that experience to girls who don't play "club" soccer. It was an immediate success with 3 girls who were not planning on going to college being given the access to attend and play soccer with one of the colleges that was at our tournament.

Every Girl Deserves a Chance.

Like a Girl supports girls of inner city schools in futbol, in the business community, and in life through creativity, self expression & self belief.

Our goal is to provide solutions and resources for girls growing up in predominantly immigrant and refugee families from underserved communities and help them truly find their goals in life, and gain access to paths that help them with a better future.  We do this through partnerships and career guidance that can help them navigate a challenging system through a number of different avenues that help students grow.

Our Business Mentorship and Partnership Program connects girls with local businesses of all types to show them the different careers that are available to them.  We strive to help girls find their passion in life and develop their own path to success. It is important to expose them to many different businesses and the people that run them to help define what those dreams are.

Our unique fútbol program allows girls to grow through a fun and professional style of coaching which helps build the foundation for the Beautiful Game. With a network of college coaches, we offer guidance and insight to access college athletics.

Career Connections

We approach career choices from a different angle by introducing careers to our girls, showing them what is possible and the paths they need to take to reach their goals.


What do you love to do? That is a question not asked by many educators and counselors in our schools today. This should be the basic foundation of determining what classes to take and what path to go down. This belief is at the heart of what we believe will lead to successful futures.

Not every path is the same. We help define careers and and not societal expectations. Four year colleges are not for everyone. for some they are great, but for someone who would like to be a chef, a four year college is not the right path for them. We help define those paths for our girls.

Featured Story

We are happy to partner with Dream Refugee, an organization helping refugees connect to their broader communities. More importantly, Dream Refugee is to help others not only chase their dreams, but to succeed in achieving their dreams regardless of the obstacle.

Tu Lor Eh Paw


Seventeen years ago, on March 9, 2000, I was brought into this world. I was born in the Southeast Asian nation of Burma, now known as Myanmar. I was my parent's youngest child of nine. Our family lived in a small village where only ten families settled; mostly our relatives. My family used the slash and burn technique for farming. It was the only way we could grow food to sustain ourselves.

Two years later, my mother contracted a life threatening disease. She fought with all of her might to beat this illness. She lost her fight and left this world in June of 2002. One of the main issues that contributed to her death was our family’s lack of money and resources to seek out treatment. Our village didn’t have the tools necessary to treat of find a cure for the disease, including well-educated doctors.