Playing soccer at Christmas.

Girls soccer on Christmas day at the Jr. College at Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camp. Soccer (football) balls donated by the Como Park Girls Football Club and Like a Girl of Minnesota, Jen Larrick, Kyle Johnson, and Project KARE. Many thanks to Cory Schuver of Colfax Creative for all her help delivering donated soccer balls to the girls at all three high schools in MRM plus MRM Jr College and PDC. Cory helped introduce the idea of Girls soccer teams at Mae Ra Moe Refugee Camp. With lack of resources for girls soccer in camp, this is the first time, maybe ever (?) the girls have had the joy of playing Girls soccer. The young women of Mae Ra Moe are excited about inter-school GIRLS teams competing in the future! Thank you to all for your part!

Photos: Roler Maysi, Principal of MRM Jr. College
Camera: Donated by Michaely Rosas

December 25, 2017 | Kyle Johnson