Futbol Philosophy

Fútbol, the Beautiful Game

Our coaching and training model is built on a simple and pure philosophy. First and foremost we look at developing a love and passion for the game.

Our model of learning the Beautiful Game stems back to the 70s and 80s when kids weren’t over coached. Instead, kids would go out and have fun freely playing the game on their own. It took years of playing and coaching to realize that this model is what really teaches the fundamentals and skills of becoming a great player. When we look at many of the great players in the world, including Ronaldinho, Neymar, and Marta, there is a common theme.

They all played on the streets of Brazil, learning the game with their friends. The flare and creativity they developed was not taught by any coach. It was skill they picked up, through survival, or the pure love for the game. This is the way the game is commonly learned around the world. We have a network of freestylers, professionals, semi-professionals, college players, and coaches that we bring into our program who share this philosophy.

Our soccer community embraces a more facilitating, less commanding style of training and uses it to help the girls develop skills, be creative, and push out their own boundaries to become truly great players. More importantly, they will love playing the Beautiful Game.


Creativity. Expression. Fun.

There is no better way to develop your skills than learning the creativity and free expression of freestyle fútbol.

In the Spring of 2016 we met a world class freestyler, Caitlyn Schrepfer and her friend Michael Bliss. Caitlyn and Michael came to Como Park High School in St. Paul to have a question and answer session and give the girls a freestyle performance and training session. Wow! All of the girls were impressed with their amazing talents. But beyond the terrific performance, it inspired all of our girls to start freestyling. We have incorporated freestyle in all of our training sessions, encouraging the girls to work hard, take risks, and have fun. In another interview Caitlyn describes what freestyle is.

“Freestyle can be considered the artistic side of fútbol. It is a sport entirely in its own right, with a different mindset and governing body and rules, but it is also the product of the classic Joga Bonita ads featuring Ronaldinho and his early freestyle skills.

“At the same time, many would consider it an art form and manner of expressing yourself since everyone develops a style unique to themselves, and creates tricks that reflect each person's individuality."

Money Should Not Be a Limitation

We have a different approach to learning the game. Pay what you can. Come and enjoy the game you love.


We don't ever want money to stop you from playing the game you love. We have adopted the "Pay what you can" model hoping that it will allow girls of all backgrounds equal access. As youth sports increasingly becomes a pay to play model, some kids get left behind.

We want to create and promote a beautiful game where everyone is welcome. Pay what you can to help our organization, whether that's a suggested donation, or nothing at all. Come play.