Like a Girl Soccer and Futsal

Like a Girl Soccer

A program like no other. We celebrate creativity.

The Beautiful Game.

Our coaching and training model is built on a simple philosophy. First and foremost we look at developing a passion for the beautiful game.


Money Should Not Matter

We believe that the widespread Pay-to-Play model of soccer in America is limiting for both girls and the state of the game. We have adopted a different model. We call it Way-to-Play: money should not be a prohibitor, any girl has a way to play, all ways of playing are celebrated, and whenever a girl tries, we encourage her with a supportive cheer: “Way to play!!”.

Celebrating Failure

As coaches, we encourage girls to try new skills. Test out a scissors, try a dummy pass, look for a nutmeg. We are always excited to see our girls take a risk and try. "We would rather see you try and fail than not try at all".


Like a Girl Soccer + Futsal

Like a Girl embraces the idea that the game itself is a great teacher. Our training formula emphasizes creativity, positivity, role modeling, and celebrating one another. We utilize freestyle, panna, futsal, and soccer as the foundation of our programming.

Our Supporters

Thank you to all of our sponsors and supporters. Our efforts are with a the help of collective community that supports our mission.