A Collaboration with Dream Refugee

We are very excited to partner with Dream Refugee. The mission of Dream Refugee is to help refugees connect to their broader communities. More importantly, Dream Refugee is to help others not only chase their dreams, but to succeed in achieving their dreams regardless of the obstacle.

Dream Refugee uses the power of storytelling as a unique way of tackling today’s most relevant and troubling themes of exclusion, xenophobia, and apathy. Storytelling enables Dream Refugee to showcase to the broader community the untold refugee experience and create empathy and compassion between disparate communities.

To learn more about Dream Refugee visit their website

Tu Lor Eh Paw

Our family lived in a small village where only ten families settled; mostly our relatives. My family used the slash and burn technique for farming. It was the only way we could grow food to sustain ourselves.

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Faduma Mohamed

Living in poverty, we didn’t have a computer or TV so I started writing. You know how people in class doodle in class when they’re bored? That was me with writing poetry.

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Bayan Tawakalna

I left my country 6 years ago during the Syrian revolution. I am originally from Damascus and lived my whole life in the countryside. We moved to many different places in Syria for about a year until we had to flee in 2012 and go to Egypt.

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Ka Vang

My story starts in Long Cheng, Laos. I was born on a CIA military base located in Laos in April of 1975, near the time when the Vietnam War officially ended. The US government was engaged in Laos due to the Vietnam War, thus for the reason for a CIA military base being present in Laos.

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Husna Ibrahim

n 1995, my parents immigrated from Somalia to South Africa for a new future. Within the same year, I was born. Growing up in South Africa, I was living within two cultures. At school, I was immersed in the South African culture and environment.

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Sabrina Bana Seyf

A life of struggle was inevitable for a woman born in the heart of Somalia, Mogadishu to be exact. My family fled to Kenya when I was only a few months old seeking refuge in a camp from the instability of Somalia. I don’t have any clear memories since I was so young but I heard enough from my family to know that it was a tough time.

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